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Pink graphics of the letter Q for the word question with small characters for the architect alphabet of the Bordeaux agency Bulle Architectes.


They can be boating, trapping, wacky, delicate, interesting, fundamental, philosophical, environmental, social. What is it about ? That is the question.

Architecture is often in question and questions are everywhere in architecture.

Architects translate the mutations, dreams and questions of each era while projecting themselves into the future.
And at the same time, they help in a very down-to-earth way to solve the questions of everyday life, of housing, of the neighborhood, of the city, of everyday practices.


But questioning also means being in a more intimate relationship with the other, a one-on-one meeting where the question-and-answer game allows the project manager-owner duo to get to know each other and to create a certain alchemy. One question after another is asked.

Starting from the beginning when you are looking for the right architect: what are his missions?  At what price ? How to choose him ? How does he work ?

Then follow the many questions related to the project: what type of project, what budget, what planning, what public, what site, what context, what uses, what desires, what needs, what surface, what spaces, what style, what comfort, what materials, what impact, what ecological dimension, what light, what furniture, what maintenance, what priorities…?


And questioning is also questioning. It means doubting, questioning, reformulating hypotheses, prioritizing concerns, and making a decision. After sometimes heated and passionate exchanges, the architect and the client have the difficult task of giving life to the common work and deciding on its physiognomy.
Other questions, just as numerous and technical, will then arise during the construction phase…


Until the final question: so happy ?

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