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Recto of the 2020 greeting card "let’s go to the glass" of the agency Bulle Architectes.

2020, Let’s get to green

At the down of the year 2020, in the middle of winter’s month, at the time where everything isn’t cirrhosis, you need a spleen’s hunt ? You ask yourself ? What can we do to keep seeing the glass half full ? To be thirsty for learn ? To be drunk early ?

Come on, we don’t leave you in a carafe, we tell you everything.

Full pack (card, stamp and envelope) of Bulle Architectes 2020 greetings.
Photo shoot of a kiwi and a wine glass for the decor of the 2020 wishes of the agency Bulle Architectes.
Back of the 2020 greeting card from the Bulle Architectes agency with the illustration of small earthworms.

For the experienced, those who never get dizzy, the best way is to not throw in the towel, it’s to bend your elbow.

For all other, those who truly need to take them out into the countryside, the most efficient is let go of plonks in aid of spinaches. Favour green vegetables for lunchtime, vermicelli for dinner and verbena tea at bedtime. Rediscover virtues of getting some fresh air, playing with a ball, playing flute… Avoid parallel bars. 20h20, watch some Magnum episode’s.

At least, read again some Nicolas Boileau’s verse to keep the faith : « twenty times on the loom put your work » or « what we understand well is clearly announced ».

Kiwi peeled so as to form a panties for the staging of the 2020 wishes of the agency Bulle Architectes.
Making-off of the decor created for the 2020 wishes of the agency Bulle Architectes.
Colorful earthworm candies to accompany the 2020 wishes of the agency Bulle Architectes.

And now, the making-of !

1 – Create a well green universe and know where we’re going…

2 – Drastic selection : not choice, off the top of your head.
With time, we improve, we have flair and we use it.
We choose it with a round shape. Well padded. With body.

3 – Bare-naked ? Who say yes ?
Test several versions.

4 – But what a luxury ?
Not ugly at all these floor lamp ! And damned cheeky !

5 – Verso : as gleaming as can be
All our best drinks for full projects that spring up !

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