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Illustration of the letter A in blue tones for the architect's alphabet of the Bordeaux agency Bulle Architectes.


This year we have decided to entertain you with a rhythmic regularity through a letter of the alphabet 😉.
A for Architect naturally.

A profession of reflection, action, passion, conviction, pressure, excitement, addiction… but also of rumination, desolation, over-tension, ulceration… more than a profession, a true religion.
Rather than playing the game of defining or envisioning our profession, we’ve opted for a selection of great quotes.

22 to honor this beginning of the year 2022.


« If you want an easy life, don’t be an architect » – Zaha Hadid

« As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future that is essentially unknown» – Norman Foster

« The architect is the man of synthesis, the one who is able to see things together before they are made» – Antoni Gaudi

What is well understood is clearly stated ». Rémi Dehant😉 (et Nicolas Boileau)

« Architecture is a mindset, not a profession » – Le Corbusier

Architecture is about formulating problems with clarity » – Le Corbusier

« Architecture is always an answer given to a question that is not asked ! » – Jean Nouvel

« Architecture is an assumption of the future. » – Frei Otto

« Architecture is what makes beautiful ruins. » – Auguste Perret

« Architecture is the learned, correct and beautiful play of forms assembled in the light » – Le Corbusier

« Architecture is not there to be forgotten, but to be heroic, every project is a love story. Can you have more than one at a time ? » – Frédéric Borel

« Architecture is about building meaning » – Rémy Butler

« Architecture is a combat sport ! »Rudy Ricciotti

In architecture, a mistake can last a long time » – Renzo Piano

« The free architectural gesture is expensive. » – David Colinet

« There are no small projects, all are worthy of attention. » – Jean-Michel Wilmotte

« Simplicity is not so much about neglecting what is complex as it is about clarifying what is important. » – Glenn Murcutt

« Nothing is invented, because nature has already written everything. Originality always consists in going back to the origins. » – Antoni Gaudi

« God is in the details » – LudwigMies van der Rohe

« The details are not the details. They make the design. » – Charles Eames

« Less is more » – Mies van der Rohe


And let’s end on our agency’s leitmotif :
“Who wants to do something finds a way, who doesn’t want to do anything finds an excuse.”

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