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Zoom on bubble paper filled with a red dye for the 2018 wishes of the agency Bulle Architectes.

In 2018, we’ll have a ball

Hey ! It seems that you were on high alert. No publication since July. And Movember ? And the Christmas’s wish list ? An unprecedented event. I tell you everything in an express version (the classic version takes 2 days). Remember, in 2017, I promised you it will blows you away. Well, it rocks. Totes ! Worse than a skidding company ! Beautiful projects realised. Others prospects. Enriching collaborations. Fascinating meetings. News bubbles (Dimitri, Aleena and Vincent). One bubble less (Gaëlle, we kiss you). A budding bubble (Foucault forever). A bubble with a bubble (a little boy in progress, it’s not a phoney). Future bubbles (suspense). A bubble den in construction (cardboard boxes in preparation). So yes, we could say that in 2018, It going to rocks !

Back of the 2018 greeting card of the agency Bulle Architectes with its coordinates.
Complete set of wishes 2018 from the agency Bulle Architectes.
Syringe filled with a red dye for the realization of the 2018 wishes of the agency Bulle Architectes.

But, all these little bubbles are so fired up that it’s blatant, they can’t wait, they are doing to get away and have a ball on your projetcs ! They are going to give it their all for that’s being awesome

Greeting stamps 2018 from the agency Bulle Architectes representing the pink malabar chewing gum.
Zoom in on bubble paper filled with red dye.
Projection of the image of a crane on bubble paper filled with red dye to form a sentence.

As a bonus, and to make me up to this too long silence (You miss me too), this is a little making-of the (plastic) movie.

Step 1 : Go crying to a friend a needle.
Step 2 : Go crying to a child a playmobil crane.
Step 3 : Stop crying, put his maya the bee’s costume on and jab, load, jab, load, jab. And it continues again and again (listen Francis Cabrel’s music to put your heart and soul into it).
Step 4 : Talk to the crane. « You know shadow theatre ? You will see, it’s kind of like work of your friends at Bassins à Flots for the architecture’s biennial with her brighting ballet…more subtle. As Guillaume Gallienne says, don’t show me, leave me see ».
Step 5 : Merge. Take a picture. It’s in the bag. Phew. A little shooter to celebrate ?
Step 6 : To take on the packet of pink skin burly men. Leave them have fun a little before make them entirely nuts.

Best wishes to all of you. Have fun this year.

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