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Zoom in on the colorful fresco and the wooden strips in the new locker rooms of the Lycée Nord Bassin Simone Veil in Andernos, renovated by the Bordeaux agency Bulle Architectes.

● Seed of project ●

New sports locker rooms for the high school lycée Nord Bassin Simone Veil in Andernos !!


This project to refurbish the locker rooms was an opportunity to refurbish an aging room but above all to take advantage of this intervention to give meaning to this work.
The wall sections to be tiled and repainted could have suggested a classic renovation. But the desire to do better quickly caught up with us.


The idea ? To create FOR and WITH the students! From there, the proposal was made to the students to carry out a collaborative and creative project around the design of a mural.
This is a great opportunity for them to be actors both collectively and individually. Designing places that look like them is the best guarantee of final satisfaction. And participating in a project is the best way to enhance their personal career and build their CV.
The chosen theme, following a vote within the school to choose between the different themes proposed, was: “Land & Sea”.


Four students invested and mobilized themselves to realize sketches, intentions and research of inspirations to arrive at a graphic rendering. Digital transcription, color work and choice of earthenware have punctuated these 3 months of work and exchanges with them.
Unanimously, the project participants selected the design that led to the final result: a unique graphic representing the dunes, the pines and the sea with a central sun. The color scheme differentiates the two locker rooms and reflects their respective names: Dawn and Dusk.
The project is now complete, delivered and inaugurated, the reflection carried out rich in meaning and the students delighted and proud to have contributed to this beautiful achievement.


A big thank you to their institution for having authorized, supported and encouraged this collective approach.




Global view of the fresco in the boys' locker room created by the students of the Lycée Nord Bassin Simone Veil in Andernos and the Bordeaux agency Bulle architectes.
Overall view of the colorful fresco and wooden benches in the new girls' locker room of the Lycée Nord Bassin Simone Veil in Andernos renovated by the Bordeaux agency Bulle Architectes.
Detail on the crossing of two cleats and on the fresco with soft colors present in the new sports locker rooms of the high school Nord Bassin Simone Veil in Andernos renovated by the Bordeaux agency Bulle Architectes.
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