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Illustration of the letter G for the word Gigot bitumen in green tones for the alphabet of the Bordeaux agency Bulle Architectes.


G for Gigot Bitume.


There is nothing more surprising and convivial than a “gigot bitume”. This old tradition in the building industry celebrates the end of the structural work.
The recipe consists of wrapping the leg of lamb, previously salted, peppered and oiled, in several layers of aluminium and then in several layers of kraft paper before plunging it into a bath of molten bitumen at 230°C. One or two hours later, the meat is ready to be tasted and shared by all the actors of the site, melting as much as one likes.


This tradition would tend to be lost. We are actively lobbying for the end of construction party to continue, as well as the end of site party.
The men of the construction industry build, construct and restore valiantly with their guts, their hearts (and their big muscular arms) every day whatever the weather conditions. It is important to be able to gather and eat around a festive event to celebrate their work. These convivial, simple and authentic times reflect the atmosphere of the construction industry, the best sector of activity !

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